Your main objective is to manage your own University and make it grow as much as you can thanks to your management strategy. You must study how to invest your earnings in your campus until you get enough Prestige (star counter on the top left corner of the screen). The more you upgrade your objects and areas, the higher Prestige you will get. The Prestige will help you win competitions with other universities at the end of the academic year. 
This game is more challenging than other idle games, so you will need to pay attention to all the descriptions before you invest your in-game money. Some objects and rooms will increase your earnings, but others will reduce the waiting times. Choose and decide which features are more interesting for your objectives.
We recommend you to start little by little re-investing your money in basic furniture in all your areas, reducing processing times, and increasing the value of your university. Remember that every area is important to make your university profitable, and you should adapt your strategy in a balanced way. Otherwise, your students could start being angry, and even low their efficiency.
Pay attention to the icons that students show over their heads to see their mood.
Don’t forget about your energy counter (the lightning icon)! If you exceed your maximum, you will be penalized with a fine. The bigger the exceedance, the bigger the fine! Once you pay it, you will be able to keep upgrading your campus. To avoid this penalization, we advise you to upgrade your energy limit of the university as much as you can ("+" button next to the energy counter).
We would like to remark that EVERY AREA is relevant in your game. Take in mind that your students could be late to their lectures if they suffer some delay in the bathroom line or in the cafeteria, for example. Stay alert! Hire enough staff to cover your student's needs.
Also, pay attention to the timetable! If you don't organize your lectures properly, the students may feel tired and affect their grades.
If you tap on the Einstein icon (lower-right corner of the game screen), you will find a list of teachers that will provide extra advantages once they could join your team. Pay attention to their descriptions to know if they are teaching in the proper class!