Professors and faculties share a specific AREA OF KNOWLEDGE represented NUMERICALLY (see FAQ Knowledge areas / SYMBOLS / Academic Fields). In order to optimize your academic performance (get higher numbers) in this said area, please take in mind the following tips: 
  • The more Knowledge stats a professor has in a specific area, the more the students learn. The knowledge acquired after the class will appear in numerical format over the students' heads. These numbers will vary depending on the teacher's stats, the faculty level, and the time of arrival of your students. Don't expect the same number in all your pupils: they will learn differently for multiple reasons (punctuality, motivation, fatigue, etc.).
  • If your students are getting a "+0" after the class, you probably need to change this teacher for one with better stats in this knowledge area, mostly if you have leveled up the building. Check regularly the teachers offered to reassign the most suitable ones.
  • Don't forget to upgrade the faculty bathroom and reduce waiting times so your students will arrive more quickly to the class. In any case, there will always be students arriving late, as in real life. Don't expect to reduce delays to zero!
  • Motivation levels in your teachers will also be essential to prevent your students from dropping out. You will find a green smiley icon in all the professor cards. Revise this feature if you have too many school dropouts.