Welcome to your barbershop!  
Your main objective is to manage your grandad's old business and improve your premises to earn more in-game money and reputation points. Combine the idle game mechanics with unlocking story chapters which will make you progress.
Each customer will pay you out with money and reputation points depending on the service provided. These points (purple star icon) will allow you to unlock new stories and learn new haircuts and beard styles. Make sure that you regularly upgrade objects that could increase your reputation points rate! 
TIP: Read the descriptions of barbershop objects carefully :) 
Once your purple progress bar fills, it's time to advance in the story by tapping on the speech bubble button! As you unlock new chapters and meet new characters, you will be able to add new objects and areas in your barbershop. Also, pay attention to the scissors icon to learn new hairstyles and beard trims to earn more money and please more customers. 
TIP: If you see an exclamation mark over an icon, take some time to tap on it! 
As long as you receive new barber chairs after a story chapter, make sure that you upgrade them properly to increase your profits, and don't forget to hire new employees to enhance your workflow. Choose between different styles each time a character offers you new furniture! Check if they need to be upgraded or if they are only part of the decoration. Don't worry. You will be able to change their appearance as many times as you want. 
TIP: Use the big green button to speed up the activity in your barbershop! But do it wisely... It takes some time to cool down! 
We invite you to check the rest of the FAQ included in this section to know more details about each feature.