Welcome to your hospital! 
Your main objective is to heal as many patients as possible and reinvest your earnings in expanding your premises. As you open new departments, you will receive more patients and different types of ailments.
Your hospital will only be profitable if you take care of all the internal departments. You must hire doctors for the consultations, but also recruit administrators, distributors, and receptionists to make your hospital work.
Check your medical consultation and working areas' dialog windows regularly to improve the performance of your working teams. Moreover, remember to rank your departments up once you complete a tier. These three steps are essential to maximizing your efficiency in one specific department:
Upgrade until filling the progress bar > Rank up to unlock more upgrades > Expand or Improve the area.
*TIP: Sometimes, it's better to focus on ranking up a specific working area than spending your money on a new one. Study your possibilities before you make a decision!
You may feel stuck at some points, so you should say hello to the SOLVE button to minimize your management problems.
*TIP: If you can't upgrade a specific feature, its dialog window will display which requirements are needed to move on. You should take in mind these details to readapt your growth strategy ;)
Use reputation points and the skills to boost your hospital's performance! These two new features will definitely help you to succeed.
Never forget that emergencies can occur. Stay alert to handle inconveniences if you want to grow even more.
Now that you have a prestigious hospital, don't forget about your patients! Use reputation points to increase the number of incoming patients. Don't worry if some of them leave the building angry! It won't affect your progress, but it will indicate that some amendments should be done (e.g., add chairs in doctors' offices, upgrade the reception, or look for related research).