While expanding your hospital, a sudden Special Accident will show up in your game! You will have a few days to find the cure for rabies and heal the affected patients... 
As you progress in this Special Accident, you will earn very interesting boosters that will improve your performance at your hospital.
MAIN OBJECTIVE: You need to find the cure! The more patients you process, the more boosters you will win and you will be closer to finding this cure.
HOW CAN I PROCESS RABIES PATIENTS? Once the special Accident is available in your hospital, you will start receiving this kind of patient that has scratches on their body and shake their hands next to their heads. They will enter the hospital as the rest of the patients, but after seeing the doctor they will be directed to the Intensive Care Unit at the back of the hospital. You will be able to assign there the necessary ICU Nurses to take care of those patients in the magnifier icon. Please check this old FAQ and don't miss a detail about firing and hiring workers.
**Please remember that the Special Accident will only be solved while you are online!
HOW CAN I GET CLUES FOR THE SPECIAL ACCIDENT? Please check your prize list. If you tap on the event widget, you will be able to see the clues icon (magnifier with a red virus). The prize list will show how many patients you must treat to unlock new leads that will help you to find the cure.
**ALL the clues are free, so every player can complete the whole case without spending real money.
Once you have rewards available to claim, all you need to do is tap on the Event Widget and tap on the "Claim" button. If you don't claim them before the event ends, you won't be able to do it afterwards.
Yes, there are! Please read all the details carefully before you decide to buy a special offer for the Accident. Among other things, you will be able to unlock all the prizes that appear with a lock in the left part of the prize list. However, you will be able to win some interesting boosters and ALL the clues without spending real money.