*Please take in mind that some updates will take some time to be implemented for 100% of the users. Don't worry if you can't still see it! The update will appear very soon :) 
What is the Piñata?

The Piñata is a place where you can save bonus Tokens rewarded for watching video ads.

Which ads reward bonus tokens?

The ads that reward Tokens to be saved in the Piñata are the ones offered by Johnson´s Helicopter as well as the ones shown on the top right side of the screen:
Express Attractions
Express Tickets
Extra customers: Ferry with Extra visitors

When can I open the Piñata?

In the Piñata menu, there is a bar indicating how many Tokens you have collected. You will see a minimum and a maximum mark. You can open the Piñata as soon as you have reached the minimum amount for it! 

There are 3 options to break the Piñata and release all the Tokens with an extra bonus! You can decide how much bonus you want to obtain!

But stay tuned! Once the minimum amount is reached you have a limited time to open the Piñata and get the Tokens you have been collecting!
What happens when the Piñata is full?

Once the Piñata is full any additional ad you watch won´t grant any Token for the Piñata until it is opened or the countdown to open it runs out and the Piñata resets.