Before the voluntary migration, the dialog window indicated at which equivalent point of progress your game will start. This action is irreversible. However, you will keep all the in-app purchases, permanent upgrades, time travels, and boosters stored in the inventory. 

Now, the new gameplay mode is linear, and you can't visit the parks already completed anymore once you accept to travel to the next one.

The team is collecting all the feedback we receive from players, and they will probably undo this feature. For the time being, your old park will be closed once you reach the milestones needed to travel to the new waterpark.

The good news is that the team will release more theme parks in this new game mode very soon!

If you have decided to not migrate into the new game mode, you won't be able to play the incoming parks since all the new content will be introduced in the new gameplay!

No worries: you can accept version migration whenever you decide it.

We appreciate your patience in advance since this change is very complex, and some game features may need some time to be corrected and perfectly implemented in the new version. You may find some details that won't fit during the new gameplay, but the team is actively working on every detail to include bug fixes and implementations in further updates.

For example, you may find that your old statues unlocked in older events won't appear visually in the waterpark parking lot (but they are applying the multiplier correctly), or the Mighty Striker event is asking for missions that you can't complete since they should be done in the old park. We hope that all these details can be corrected ASAP. Thanks again for your understanding!

 Stay tuned!