We're excited to introduce our weekly Carnival Events! During these temporary challenges, your goal is to build attractions in your theme park as usual. As you enhance your facilities by completing tasks, you'll earn points that can be exchanged for a variety of rewards, including tokens, boosters, in-game currency, or special fragments. These fragments give you the chance to unlock epic new attractions for your permanent parks.

You will see the event widget on your screen when it's active: 

Even if you can't unlock the new attractions immediately, don't worry! The fragments you collect will accumulate for future events, allowing you to unlock them eventually. Once unlocked, you can continue to collect fragments in subsequent events to level up your attractions!

Check how the rewards menu works: 


Additionally, you'll earn Prestige Stars that enable you to perform Stellar Resets. This means starting your park from scratch with significantly higher bonuses that help you earn more money and complete missions faster. The timing of when to reset your park depends on your growth strategy, and you can choose to restart whenever you want. The bonus applied during the reset will be indicated in the menu window.

Let's have a look!


Keep in mind that Carnival Events happen weekly, and any event-specific purchases will only function during the event in which they were acquired. These purchases are entirely optional, and every player has the opportunity to earn prizes and unlock items without making any purchases.

Get ready for building and upgrading at Idle Theme Park Tycoon's Carnival Event! Good luck, and have fun!