Your main objective is to make your hotel empire grow thanks to your management strategy. You should study how to invest your earnings in your hotel until you get 5 stars. These said stars will unlock bigger and more challenging hotels for you. 
All the hotel services and all your rooms can be upgraded and will increase your profits gradually. You will receive your profits every hour.
You must hire all the staff available and max out every single detail in rooms and services to reach the highest star rating (don't forget about the parking, the cleaning room, or the reception desk!).
We recommend you to start little by little reinvesting your money in basic furniture in all your rooms, like nightstands or TVs. 
Try not to spend all your money if you have hired employees for any service, as they could resign after their working time if you don't have enough money to pay them. Their wages will be paid automatically from your income counter.  
Please, take in mind that clients would get angry if they have to wait too long for a service. Chefs and bartenders could attend 2 people simultaneously. Be careful with this, and observe if you need more employees or not. If too many people get angry, it's time to hire someone! 
Your rooms have to be clean if you want to occupy them with new visitors, so you should manage wisely your housekeepers.