When you are offline, everything keeps working for 1 hour (or more if you have the help of the special characters). After that, the game stops, and it will wait until you come back.

Once you are back, all the animations start again, and sometimes they need 1-2 minutes until they are 100 % synced.

The game needs to restart animations from a specific spot and some prison services could be affected by a temporary loss of productivity: for example, if you enter the game during lunchtime, this meal could be lost and prisoners should wait until the next one. This could happen with other services, but the game is fully tested and these temporary inconveniences are known and expected, and they will be solved in a few minutes of gameplay. 

This animation sync situation could cause some prisoner's statistics to drop temporarily, and make them riot.
Please remember that your offline progress won’t be affected by this visual restart. 
The team is still refining this feature to give you the best possible gaming experience.