Welcome to your own law firm!

Your main objective is to accept and process legal cases to earn money and reinvest your earnings in expanding your premises. As you open new areas, you will receive more clients and different types of cases.

Your company will only be profitable if you take care of all the internal departments. You will obviously need lawyers to solve as many cases as possible. However, every department should be properly upgraded to speed up the workflow!
  1. Hire lawyers: each new office will need to hire and assign a new attorney to your team after building it. Lawyers process cases.
  2. Hire legal interns: they will work together with lawyers and need their own area on your premises. Interns will generate the required documentation for a case.
  3. Hire detectives: detectives will also need their own space in your firm. They will investigate clues that will be useful to win the case.
  4. Hire delivery workers: they will take necessary the documents to the lawyers. They will also need a fully equipped room to do their job.
Check your offices and working areas' dialog windows regularly to improve the performance of your working teams. Moreover, remember to rank your departments up once you complete a tier. These three steps are essential to maximizing your efficiency in one specific department:

Upgrade until filling the progress bar > Rank up to unlock more upgrades > Expand or Improve the area.

*TIP: Sometimes, it's better to focus on ranking up a specific working area than spending your money on a new one. Study your possibilities before you make a decision!

You may feel stuck at some points, and here are two main features that could help you:

  1. Your income will be limited by your vault's capacity. Expand it as soon as you can to earn more money!
  2. The research section must be your new best friend! You must spend some time researching to optimize your working areas, get discounts, raise your fees, unlock new types of cases, etc.
*TIP: If you can't upgrade a specific feature, its dialog window will display which requirements are needed to move on. You should take in mind these details to readapt your growth strategy ;)

Now that you have a successful law firm, don't forget about your clients! Marketing campaigns are very important to increase your number of clients. Don't worry if some of them leave the building angry! It won't affect your progress, but it will indicate that some amendments should be done (e.g., add chairs in your offices, upgrade the reception, or look for related research).

Every time you complete a tier in one department, you will earn a star. Your star counter will indicate your prestige level. In practice, these stars can't be used in the game, but they are the graphic representation of your law firm's progress. The more stars you get, the more developed your company is.