While expanding your business, a sudden special case will show up in your law firm! You will have a few days to reveal as many clues as you can before you go to trial to defend this special client... 
As you progress in this court case, you will earn permanent boosters that will improve your performance at your law firm forever.
MAIN OBJECTIVE: You need to solve new corruption cases! The more corruption cases you deal with, the more boosters you will win.
HOW CAN I ACCEPT CORRUPTION CASES? Once the special case is available in your law firm, you will start receiving applications from lawyers with an envelope stuffed with money next to their heads.
You can assign those lawyers to any office in any department. You can adapt your strategy according to your objectives, so you will be able to choose which offices will be occupied for the special lawyers and which ones will keep their normal activity. Once the special case is over, those lawyers will go back to the regular cases. Please check this old FAQ and don't miss a detail about firing, hiring, or reassigning lawyers.
**Please remember that corruption cases will only be solved while you are online!
WHO ARE THOSE CLIENTS DRESSED IN A POLICE UNIFORM? WHY ARE THEY ANGRY IF I HAVE ENOUGH FREE SPOTS IN THE WAITING ROOM? Those new visitors are the special clients that will bring new corruption cases to your law firm. They get angry if they don't have enough lawyers that can deal with corruption cases! Since this is a strategic game, you can decide how many special lawyers you hire. The more lawyers with the special skill, the more you grow in the special case. All these angry clients won't penalize your performance. Don't worry! More police officers will come later!
HOW CAN I GET CLUES FOR THE SPECIAL CASE? Please check your prize list. If you tap on the office next to the reception desk or on the event widget, you will be able to check the "progress of clues" bar. The prize list will show how many corruption cases you must solve to unlock new leads that will help you to win the case. For example, the first clue will be available after reaching 18 corruption cases. Once you unlock a new lead, it will automatically be stored in the "NOTES" tab. **ALL the clues are free, so every player can complete the whole case without spending real money.
HOW CAN I USE MY NEW PERMANENT BOOSTERS? Once you unlock a permanent booster by solving corruption cases, it will be available FOREVER. You only need to tap on the specific area, then tap on the green megaphone icon placed at the right top of the dialog window. There you can see how many Leadership points you need to activate it. Take in mind that both leadership points and boosters need some time to cool down to be ready for new usage.
ARE THERE SPECIAL SEASON OFFERS (In-app purchases)? Yes, there are! Please read all the details carefully before you decide to buy a special offer for the season. Among other things, you will be able to unlock all the prizes that appear with a lock in the prize list. However, you will be able to win some permanent boosters and ALL the clues without spending real money.