The Dinosaur Park finally opens its doors! Welcome, boss! 
Your main objective is to manage an entire park with living dinosaurs! To do so, you need to capture them alive and treat them with care. You should also upgrade all the areas included in the park as well! Expand the parking, queues, and ticket booths. Buy more seats for your visitors, improve the different habitats to earn more money per client, and upgrade the food warehouses to keep your dinosaurs well nourished. Don't forget to upgrade your safe vault when necessary if you want to store more money!
You will be in charge of the expedition teams to catch new dinosaurs. Send them regularly to find larger creatures. The more you send the teams to capture, the better dinosaurs they will find. According to the specimens found, you will earn more money per client. Check the dino-depot from time to time and select the most profitable ones. You can release those specimens that will give you less income per client and earn some extra! Organize the dino-depot regularly and don't run out of free spots for the new catches.
Check all the park areas' dialog windows regularly to improve the performance of your park. Moreover, remember to rank all the zones up once you complete a tier. These three steps are essential to maximizing your efficiency:
Upgrade until filling the progress bar > Rank up to unlock more upgrades > Expand or Improve the area.
Can't you open a new habitat? Check the right side of your screen to find the requirements needed to unlock new enclosures! Reach all the objectives detailed in the quest list and open them! Don't worry if you can't see more quests! The team is actively working on the new habitats and many more surprises. As soon as new content is released, you will see the next achievements :)
You may feel stuck at some points, so you should say hello to the GO button to minimize your management problems.
*TIP: If you can't upgrade a specific feature, its dialog window will display which requirements are needed to move on. You should take in mind these details to readapt your growth strategy ;)
Don't forget that a dinosaur park requires some research... Visit the research lab and spend some money to make the park technologically competent. Your researchers will happily provide great advantages to the park!

Ah... The last recommendation. There are three things that you can't forget to improve. Every area counts in your park!

1) Parking lot
2) Food Warehouse
3) Ticket Booths